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We welcome any help to make buzztrax much more than buzz ever was. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We have all sort of tasks, ranging from development, translations, icon-design and many more. Also development tasks vary from small UI improvements to bigger challenges. Don't worry it the technologies in use are new for you, we will help as much as we can (although some basic C knowledge is helpful, as everything is written in C).

Most development resources can be found at buzztrax.org. Also try checking the irc channel at irc://irc.freenode.net/buzztrax.

To get the current development sources check them out from GIT. Details about how to get the sources and about to to compile them can be found on the 'Building' page. If you have any problems building the project, please let us know (mail us or submit a bug report on www.sourceforge.net).

If you like to work on a patch, please read our coding guidelines before you start. If you are looking for a new task, have a look at the this page.
Further you can type make todo in the top-level directory of the sources. This produces a list of tasks and ideas in the form of gcc-style errors (todos) and warnings (ideas).
(I run this from the jEdit console and then get all the entries in the errorlist, so that I can click and jump to the location in the source.)

If you are an author of a buzzmachine, it would be super-cool if you decide to share your sources! Please send them to us (Ensonic,Waffel), along with a licence you've picked (LGPL, MIT, BSD, ...). This makes your hard work on the machine live on!

Happy hacking!

  • Architecture - how is the project structured (links to API docs)
  • Roadmap - planning for what we need to do next
  • Building - what you have to do, if you would build buzztrax from source
  • Coding Guidelines - if you want to participate, here are a few rules to know about
  • Release Guidelines - all one needs to know about file releases
  • Debugging - here you can find some know-how related to tracking bugs
  • Optimizing - tools and techniques to make things faster
  • UseTheRightAPI - a check list coding mistakes
  • Technical How To - this page collects technical issues we need to tackle and related thoughs, urls, etc.
  • Testing - read this to implement more tests or simple how to test our code
  • TODO - Planing fro things we want to do (including a list of easy tasks for new contributors)
  • Discussion - discuss any thoughts about the implementation
  • Portability - keeping track of requirements and portabillity issues
  • Cooperation - ideas about working with other apps
  • Examples - read this to see how we have created some examples for you and how to use these to implement your own code
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