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many thanks for the spell checking to the anonymous visitor ;-) ensonic 12:07, 3 Jan 2005 (CET)


I`d just like to comment that Buzztard sounds a lot like retard, a not-nice word for mentally handicapped people. I think a derivative of Buzz would not be the worst idea in the world, but maybe something besides Buzztard. Also, Buzz itself claims to be `not a sequencer, not a tracker` so the `tard` intended to convey this is redundant. If you mean it to be more than Buzz, maybe that should be what you say, noting that buzz already claims these things. Like Buzz++, which is a pretty bad name, but something to that effect. I`m not coming up with anything here, but a spare hour and a visit to might help anyone giving it a try. +Klar 25 Jan 2005

P.S. Get some publicity if this project is actually worth it. You`re not in Gentoo portage, and not even on

P.P.S. That nose on the smiley face needs to go.

How about 'Bazz' instead of Buzztard? It's kind of a play with Buzz and Bass :D --Sampler 11:11, 26 Jan 2005 (CET)

Agreed. I like Buzz, and the idea of it available on Linux makes me really happy, but I also reacted on the name when I first saw it. I am sorry I have no better suggestion.

Also agreed. Buzztard doesn't sound anything like Bastard -- the impression I get is one of a retarded Buzz. How about something like BtZ? You can assign any one of a number of meanings to the letters, but it also sounds like 'beats', or, if you're hip and young 'beatz'. (AO)

Thanks for commenting. One name I have in mind is 'b.t.' (say [bee-tee]). That sounds a little like beat-y. The major problem is getting a free domain name - thats how we arrived at this name.

Regarding to publicity, we hope to release 0.1 really soon and then it will be on freshmeat and everywhere. If anyone volunteers to help to get it into portage, you are very welcome (I develop on gentoo and suse).

We have a new logo now - thaks to Kiddo

ensonic 17:08, 3 Feb 2005 (CET)

problem with that. "BT" is already the artist name of Brian Transeau, who is actually quite well known. I vote "Bazz". :)

"BT" are actually just two letters ;) there is no such thing as a unique name outside context.

ensonic 16:10, 21 Mar 2005 (CET)

To me, Bazz by itself sounds too similar to Buzz. I propose it be named "Bazz Music". -- Anon Coward 14 July 200

What about "Fuzz" ? like 'It makes a Fuzzing kickass sound'

I propose "Buzzard" as the name of the project, It still conveys its roots, but is less offensive. I did a quick google search and did not find any projects in at least the top 3 pages that has used this name. Also you could have some pretty sweet artwork based on this name.

mudfly gmail -- 10 May 2008

I have to say I love Buzztard, some people find GIMP offensive but thats why I like the name GIMP (if only the avatar was wearing a gimp mask) Perhaps use the a buzzard for the icon, but Buzztard must stay.

I think we can now close this discussion, now that the project got renamed to Buzztrax. ensonic (talk) 21:50, 15 May 2013 (CEST)

Beast/BSE project

Wouldn't your efforts best be focused on the Beast/BSE project?

It's a lot like buzz, and it's actually a working project.

I found out about this a little late. And I had quite some problems to get is running. The seems to use scheme a lot under the hood. I've also exchanged mails with them in regard to the build problems and Tim was very helpful. SO now that I could look at beast, I see some differences and some similarities. If I had not already spend more that half a year working on this, I wouldn't start it, but so I will continue. Buzztard (or whatever name it will have) will be different ;). ensonic 17:08, 3 Feb 2005 (CET)

Let's vote for BUZZARD!

I remember at early stages of development (around 2004) the name 'Buzztard' was kinda symptomatic, because the future of many buzz-clones was unsure. (The word 'Buzztard' somehow inescapably brought blunt connotations with 'turd' or even 'retard' which wouldn't necessarily put people off, but still...)

Now that the project is growing into a very cute and (hopefully) highly usable program, I'd steer toward something more, erm, apt, concise and with some definite style to it.

In view of this, 'Buzzard' sounds very ultra-cool!

Or even 'Buzzie'. (that's what I - almost involuntarily - call it right now when testing).

Oh, btw Buzzard is such a hip bird too!

Blizzard, or Bluzzard

What about the name for strong program: Blizzard, or Bluzzard. :-)

Pavel Fric

This is just what i was looking for! Trusktr 08:49, 3 November 2010 (CET)

This will turn into a Reason alternative... But it think if we work hard enough Reason will be a Buzztard alternative! (I kinda like the name Buzztard...) ...But if I had to come up with some ideas:

  • Bitz ("Have you hearda Bitz? It's a dope ass program you can make music with. Try Bitz dude, i'm telling you!")
  • Buzzd ("Have you hearda Buzzd? It's a dope ass program you can make music with. Try Buzzd dude, i'm telling you!")
  • Rozz ("Have you hearda Rozz? It's a dope ass program you can make music with. Try Rozz dude, i'm telling you!")
  • Link ("Have you hearda Link? It's a dope ass program you can make music with. Try Link dude, i'm telling you!")
  • Plugd ("Have you hearda Plugd? It's a dope ass program you can make music with. Try Plugd dude, i'm telling you!")
  • BitPlug ("Have you hearda BitPlug? It's a dope ass program you can make music with. Try BitPlug dude, i'm telling you!")
  • BuzzTrack ("Have you hearda BuzzTrack? It's a dope ass program you can make music with. Try BuzzTrack dude, i'm telling you!")
  • BuzzPlug ("Have you hearda BuzzPlug? It's a dope ass program you can make music with. Try BuzzPlug dude, i'm telling you!")
  • Connekt ("Have you hearda Connekt? It's a dope ass program you can make music with. Try Connekt dude, i'm telling you!")

I kinda like the idea of the name having to do with the fact that you can connect each machine. So for example if Buzztard were renamed BitPlug, all the machines would be called "bits". Plugd is kinda cool too. Buzztard is still cool too though. Trusktr 08:45, 3 November 2010 (CET)

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