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Simplyfying the build

What about merging some modules. With the changes below the build would be:

bml          -> buzzmachines
                gst-buzztrax -> buzztrax

gstbml -> gst-buzztrax

We have some gst plugins there already. done!

bsl -> buzztrax

We have the native song-loader there. We could add a plugins dir (under lib?). Later we can add further song-loaders (e.g. mod). Should we always build it, or build by option or check if bml is there (without it no song would load anyway).

Output of is wrong!

Now type 'make' to compile bml.
  • the configure script is needed first!
On my machine the calls configure after the script is done. /et

Buzztrax 0.5.0 building error

When building the Buzztrax 0.5.0 source package I get an error from line 189 in src/lib/core/wave.c

GST_INFO("sample loading done, eos from %s",GST_MESSAGE_SRC_NAME(message));

GST_MESSAGE_SRC_NAME is an unrecognized symbol. I commented out that line since it didn't seem critical to operations and compiling proceeded fine after that. However, I haven't done extensive testing of the program with this mod to see if everything works yet. /et

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