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Monthly news are available on the project news page and will be sent to the project mailing lists as well.

Overall state

The buzztrax project is progressing nicely. We have released several versions already. They can be used as a toy (yes its fun already), and with some caution also for productive work.

The architecture page describes the structure of the project and the technology used. It also reflects the current state a bit.


We have implemented most of the core objects that describe a song. We can load songs from a own XML format. And we can play these songs. Currently there is a commandline application (buzztrax-cmd) for and a graphical editor (buzztrax-edit). The commandline tool can play, convert and encode songs (render to ogg/mp3/wav). The gui tool can load, save, play and record songs as well. With buzztrax-edit one can already browse and edit the song-sequence and patterns. The machine graph works like in buzz. The wavetable view is almost complete. There are even features here and there that never made it into buzz.

Look at the screenshots to get some impressions about the current state.

The next steps are:

  • extending the gtk+ based editor application
    • implement undo/redo and auto saving
    • add midi capabilities for note/event entry

Look at the Roadmap page to see the release schedule with more details.

Code Status Reports

Have a look at the ohloh statistics.

Join the discussion

If you have any comments, ideas and suggestions, besides mailing me, you can join the project mailing lists.

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