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Here we collect information to some similar packages. At first to tell in what they differ from buzztrax and at second to look at them to get inspiration for features. Feel free to add packages that are missing here (in alphabetical order).

name platforms url licence src lang/deps
buzztrax (itself!) linux (and others?) this site GPL C, (GObj model), glib, gtk, gnomecanvas, gstreamer
beast linux GPL C, (GObj model), glib, gtk
buzé windows none (libarmstrong is LGPL) C++
cheesetracker linux, Mac OS X GPL C?
milkytracker linux, Windows, OS X GPL C++
soundtracker linux GPL C
octal linux GPL ObjC?
psycle (MFC) windows none, public domain C++, boost, MFC
Wavelet Tracker windows GPL C#
buzz windows binaries freely downloadable n/a, proprietary
storm windows commercial n/a, proprietary
reason windows commercial n/a, proprietary
project 5 windows commercial n/a, proprietary
SunVox windows, win mobile, linux, macos, palmos, iphone BSD. Commercial for iPhone / iPad; Freeware for other systems n/a, proprietary
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