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Welcome to the wiki-discussion page for the buzztrax open source music composer project.


  • Overview - what this is about and the reasons we started this project
  • Current events - news about meetings, releases, ...
  • Status - what is already done
  • Roadmap - how we will progress
  • Contributing - how everyone can help the project
  • Dictionary - this chapter collects terminology related to the project
  • Related Software Packages - here we gather information about similar packages, e.g. for comparison purpose

Feel free to edit the pages in this wiki. If you know buzz well and have ideas/wishes please look at the Wish-List and at the Technical How To and Discussion pages. Especially on the later we discuss some conceptual things and would welcome any feedback, on how others would like to see things implemented.

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  • Welcome Developers - start here with reading
  • Architecture - how is the project structured (links to API docs)
  • Roadmap - planning for what we need to do next
  • Building - what you have to do, if you would build buzztrax from source
  • Coding Guidelines - if you want to participate, here are a few rules to know about
  • Release Guidelines - all one needs to know about file releases
  • Debugging - here you can find some know-how related to tracking bugs
  • Optimizing - tools and techniques to make things faster
  • UseTheRightAPI - a check list coding mistakes
  • Technical How To - this page collects technical issues we need to tackle and related thoughts, urls, etc.
  • Testing - read this to implement more tests or simple how to test our code
  • TODO - todos not documented in source
  • Discussion - discuss any thoughts about the implementation
  • Portability - keeping track of requirements and portability issues
  • Cooperation - ideas about working with other apps
  • Examples - read this to see how we have created some examples for you and how to use these to implement your own code
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