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Tools to flexibly analyse and browse through captured gstreamer debug log files. This is now implemented as gst-debug-viewer.


The general layout should be something like

| time pane                          |
|                                    |
| category | log data                |
| & levels |                         |
|          |                         |
|          |                         |
|          |                         |

Time pane

  • expanders for states and events
  • in each expander have
    • a time ruler
    • table with row for each element with
      • the element name
      • the graph
  • clicking on time in ruler/graphs goes to log-line

Category and levels

  • tree view with catelogies and a combobox to chose debug level

Log data

  • treeview to show logdata as a list with separated fields
  • allow to show/hide fields (context menu on treeview?)

Technical ideas


  • mmap file
  • parse once
    • count lines
    • count elements and generate a list with element names
    • allocate array[lines] and file with pointers to lines

Open Questions

  • hide elemnts in graphs?
  • globaly choose log-level?
  • zoom on the time axis?
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