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Gerd is the GTK+ Event Recording Daemon. You can use it to record manual UI interaction and to launch the same chain of actions automatically. Gerd has been originally developed by Tim Janik, old (GTK+ 1.2 based) releases can be downloaded from his web site.

SvenHerzberg plans to extend Gerd to provide both a nice user-friendly way to start recording and a nice way to integrate gerd-based testing into projects.

Getting Gerd

Get Gerd from GNOME CVS.

cvs co gerd

Building Gerd

If you're building from CVS (which you should be doing), you need to generate the automake and autoconf files first:

./  # add configure arguments here

Then just compile and install the application

make install  # run this one as root if necessary

Using Gerd

After a successful installation you can execute applications like this to start recording (in this sample we start gedit):

gerd-record /tmp/event-file gedit

Now perform some actions, e.g. open the about box and the close the application using the menu bar. To see this being done automatically, just start this:

gerd-play /tmp/event-file gedit

Known Bugs/Limitations

Report bugs and feature requests at GNOME Bugzilla (component: Gerd), see list of Gerd bugs.

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