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Often people believe you have to be a software developer to improve software. That is not the case. Below you can find some inspiration how to help the buzztrax project. If you like to do some of these, make sure you talk to us on irc, the forum or the mailing-list to avoid double work.

Report your first experience with Buzztrax

Your first experience is unique and helps us understand things we don't see anymore. Getting a report about your first experience when using buzztrax or also when building buzztrax would be nice.

  • what was difficult/easy?
  • what resources did you consult (web/help/forum/irc)?

Design a feature (blueprint)

A new feature needs a bit of thinking. How should the new functionality be presented. What is the workflow of using the feature.

  • make a ui design using glade/inkscape/paper
  • write up a few paragraph with usage-scenarios on the wiki

Translate to a new locale


A video is a great way give and overview or demonstrate features.

  • Record a tutorial and post to a video site
    • start with the tutorials included with buzztrax (if not done yet)
  • propose new tutorials or write scripts for new videos

Be active on the community

  • help people getting started
Support Us


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