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Beside the list of acivities below, you can also read our monthly newletter. This will also be send to the developer and user mailing lists.


24.October.2011 - 25.October.2011 : GStreamer Conference

6.August.2011 - 12.August.2011 : Desktop Summit 2011


26.October.2010  : GStreamer Conference

01.May.2010 - 04.May.2010 : LAC 2010


Sep.2009: Release 0.5 (crown of thorns)

2009 : Machine porting session

  • the idea is to port more machines and add them to buzzmachine module
  • there is a HACKING file with useful info
  • its not that difficult at all, just work :/
  • who is willing to help: User:Ensonic (evenings, weekend),


Oct.2008 : Release 0.4 (the light in your eyes)

28.Feb.2008 - 02.Mar.2008 : LAC 2008

Mar.2008 : Release 0.3 (a tale of ice and darkness)


09.Dec.2007 - 09.Dec.2007 : Hacker Meeting

  • moving the sources from cvs to svn on
  • need to change:

All done. All fine :)

Apr.2007 : Release 0.2 (sunrise)

22.Mar.2007 - 25.Mar.2007 : LAC 2007

24.Feb.2007 - 25.Feb.2007 : FOSDEM 2007

  • GNOME Developer Platform talk in the GNOME dev room (more infos)


25.Nov.2006 - 26.Nov.2006 : Hacker Weekend

what's up

  • technical decission making Roadmap for 0.2 - ui persitence, preset ui
  • buzzmachine compatibility testing
  • buildbot tuning
    • look why the buildbot prints out to command line and why the testcases fails
    • have a 2nd buildslave where buzztard is configured without debug
  • testcase preview
    • reenable more testcases
    • guard negative tests
  • try to set sources and sinks to ready before linking
  • ... coding :)

30.Oct.2006 : Release 0.1 (genesis)

04.-05.Mar.2006 : Chemnitzer LinuxTage 2006

  • speech about gnome and multimedia (more infos)
  • gnome booth - come and meet us


29.-31.May.2005 : GUADEC 2005

  • we will talk about unit testing there (more infos)

21.-24.Apr.2005 : 3rd International Linux Audio Conference


18.Dez.2004 - 19.Dez.2004 : Hacker Weekend

Again we will meet to push the project a bit further. You can expect us online at irc:// and irc://, irc://, irc://

24.Sep.2004 - 26.Sep.2004 : Hacker Weekend

Again we have meet to push the project a bit further.

We spend the weekend to cleanup the code base. I have learned a lot about reference counting internals and how to debug them ;-).

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