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On this page we try to organise efforts to obtain buzzmachine sources. Please help but filling the gaps, contacting original authors, explain the benefits of publishing the sources and send us (e.g. Ensonic) the sources.

Contact Template

I am the main developer of buzztrax [1] - a buzz-clone for linux that can load the original machines (well some of them). Besides loading the original windows x86 dll, we have also started porting some machines, so that they work on other systems (e.g. x86-64bit, arm) [2]. Porting is straight forward, but of course needs the original sources :)

I'd like to ask you to publish the sources of your machines. If you you are not against it as such, please let me know - please also let me know if you don't want to publish any of them. I am tracking it on our wiki and we share the sources with other buzzclones like (aldrin/buze). Otherwise others will come and ask too :)

All we'd like to have is a zip of the sources and a copyright statement (like under what license you would share this - e.g. LGPL, public domain). We do the porting, updating of docs and so on. Don't worry to be bothered a lot of questions regarding the code, if you don't want to. Of course we don't mind if you want to play a more active role as well.

Hope to hear from you,

Stefan Sauer
buzztrax main developer



Finding the contact details

Many authors have their email address in the dll:

Gear:> find . -name "*.dll" -exec strings {} \; | egrep -o "\w+@\w+\.\w+" | sort -i | uniq -i


AseDev (Alexander Schadenberger)

BtdSys (Ed Powley)

  • Sources: most sources available, BSD license. Peer LFO sent by email; Peer Chord forthcoming.
  • Porting: not started

Cheapo (Mikko Apo)

Chimp (Dave Hooper)

  • Sources: contacted in Aug 2011

Climox (Joost Diepenmaat)

  • Sources: contacted in Mar 2011

Ers (Andreas Ersson)

  • Sources: contacted in Jan 2009, Aug 2011

FSM (Krzysztof Foltman)

  • Sources: all sources available, LGPL license
  • Porting: mostly done

Jeskola (Oskari Tammelin)

  • Sources: a few sources available, license unclear
  • Porting: mostly done

Joachim (Joachim Michaelis)

Kazuya (???)

  • Sources: contacted in 2005/2006 - no reply

Matilde (Carsten Sörensen & Joachim)

  • Sources: sources available, license unclear (contacted in dec/2008)

MiMo (Michael Moritz)

  • Sources: a few sources available, GPL license, contacted Dec/2008 about others, replied (midi machines might not that useful)
  • Porting: not started

Rymix (Mark Turner)

  • Sources: contacted in Mar. 2015, mail bounced

Zu (Thomas Busser / Zu Software)

  • Sources: contacted in Feb. 2010 - no reply

Zwar (Holger Zwar)

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