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Currently the project consists of these source modules:

  • buzztrax - the applications and their shared libraries
  • bml - the buzz machine loader (wrapper), also provides a sanitized API to the buzz-machines
  • bsl - the buzz song loader
  • gst-buzztrax - experimental code, that might go into [gstreamer]
    (API docs) and plugins like gstbml, simsynth, ...

This reflects the goal, to have a stand-alone application and sub-modules for buzz migration. The buzztrax applications will not require the bml, gstbml and bsl components.

Buzztrax modules

The buzztrax module has several components as well:

  • libbuzztrax-core - all the gobjects to model a song, to construct the gstreamer network, to interact with the sequencer in gstreamer, to handle configuration data and to use song im/export
    (API docs)
  • libbuzztrax-ic - interaction controller support (joysticks, midi input, ...)
    (API docs)
  • libbuzztrax-gst - gstreamer pluging components
    (API docs)
  • buzztrax-cmd - a commandline tool for playing, showing song info, etc.
    (API docs)
  • buzztrax-edit - the graphical editor application
    (API docs)

In the future we might have more apps based on the framework. On our list currently are

  • buzztrax-live - a live playback application
  • buzztrax-session - a live sequencing / composing application
  • buzztrax-bin - a gstreamer bin element + a typefinder, so that buzztrax songs can be played in playbin based applications

We might also add more libs. Once we have more GUI apps, we should move alls gtk-widgets to a separate lib (libbt-ui).


Buzztrax is using the glib GObject framework (a good introduction to GObject). GStreamer is the media framework we use.

The graphical editor application is using the gtk+ toolkit only, and GnomeCanvas (no gnome dependencies), so that porting to other platforms is easier (see Portability). We use some custom widgets like GtkVUMeter, the patterneditor and waveform view.

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