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Role in project

that's me

I am founder and core developer of the buzztrax project. I currently work on all parts, except the unit-tests (that is Waffels field. I would be quite glad, if others would like to join and help ;-) - I have sooooo many ideas for this baby and there are a thousand tasks that can be done in parallel.

Contact me : ensonic /at/ users /dot/ sourceforge /dot/ net

Personal TODO List

Core Develoment

Contact original plugin developers

Projects to look at

most of the approaches are windows only

  • VenomTwist
    • files released
  • buzz2vst
  • BuzzScript
    • no files released, files in CVS
  • ReBuzz
    • no files released, empty CVS
  • BuzzPerl
    • files released
  • Buzz Gear Manual
  • BuzzLe
    • currently in alpha state
    • windows, freeware, closed source
  • �?µ (formerly Cockslap)
    • lol, using mediawiki for the site as well ;-)
    • mswindows only for now but port to unices in progress
    • has gone open source
  • Psycle and freePsycle
    • Currently in version (official) and freePsycle (multiplatform, using the same libraries as buzztrax, but in their c++ version) under development
  • Aero Studio
    • seems to be commercial
  • visnorwig
  • Aodix v4
    • they call it the next generation (5th?) tracker/sequencer. Commercial too.

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